The commissions carry out by my company are preceded by a conversation and discussion in the place in which the work is to be carried out. During that meeting, I will be able to recognize your tastes and preferences in order to achieve your vision in the final effect.

Pursuant to those needs, I will suggest the most effective solutions, taking into account your personal requirements and tastes.

In order to understand the merit of my company’s offer, the distinctive features of the company and the ways of my work are as follows:
I focus on:

  • a prime quality and professionalism while carrying out the commissions
  • creativity and commitment to high standard work ethics and exquisite workmanship in accordance with the provided or ordered project.

I have:

  • practical experience gained in Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland
  • recognized vocational training courses in which to be awarded certificates, candidates must pass theoretical and practical exams.

I offer:

  • the delivery of best service, based on provision of excellent quality materials and best systemic solutions, using techniques based on new technologies
  • free consultancy about the realisation of the investment
  • possibility of consulting with engineers of the biggest building trade companies (such as Krauf, Nida Gips, Rigips, Sopro, Murexin, Ceresit, Mapei, Atlas, Geberit, Viega, Oikos, Dekoral, Para, Flugger, Tikkurila, Sigma, Rockwool and Soudal);
    to arrange the work of, and liaise with building inspectors
  • cooperation with friendly and forward-thinking building and design companies
  • provision and supervision of quality subcontractors ( we do do not waste your time and money assessing the work of the many varied pseudo-specialists in the building industry)
  • high-tech equipment
  • cooperation with the biggest decorative centres and wholesale building industry specialists in Wroclaw
  • guaranteed quality of the building material used in any project that has been entrusted to us
  • reliability and honesty in undertaking any contract entrusted to us

The cost estimate of my workmanship is binding and does not undergo any changes in the final accounting unless the amount of work decreases or when both sides agree upon additional changes.

The experiences of everyday practices and the information obtained from the clients and also from carrying out commissions which involved correcting the work started by other building companies, have taught me that many times the service of various renovation companies are not professional. I have found that irresponsible constructors very often pay attention only to money and not to quality of service or product. They do not focus on the criterion they have to fulfil to carry out the commissions to an acceptable standard. As a consequence, the works have to be stopped. The particular investors are left with the destruction of the project and with the financial loss due to money spent on building materials and on advance payment for the team of building workers.

Apart from the photo gallery which shows the projects I have undertaken, I wish to present as well, a model of my work practice in design conceptions in regard to flats and family houses. Visually attached to the gallery are my suggestions that might, to a small extent, bring to you, awareness of the possibilities of design and finishing work that I undertake. Some of the interior decorative work that is shown, in fact, has been realised in practice, and I hope in the near future I will be able to compare my personalized design assumptions with the real final effect that can be seen in the Alex- House gallery. All interior design work that you can see are the product of the Rapa Living Office of Interior Design which is led by Rafal Paliński, with whom I have the pleasure to cooperate. The Rapa Living design workshop is situated in the Max-Fliz Interior Design Centre.

With the kindest of regards
the owner of Alex-House Company
Mr Aleksander Leśnicki