I strongly recommend the Alex-House company led by Alexander Leœnicki. The company has carried out its renovation work professionally, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about Mr Olek responsible attitude toward the duties performed by his company. In my dealings with Mr. Olek, I did not have to control the course of work and supervise the pace of it. It should be mention that to see the effects of the work, I had to wait patiently for some time. However, Mr Leœnicki has fulfilled his duties with special care and a precision which cost time. The final effect, nevertheless, compensates for any wait. In my opinion, the additional advantage for employing the company were the clever suggestions put forth in regard to wall colour and furnishing. This shows the considerable knowledge and experience of the company, not only in the range of renovation works, but in customer dealings

Renata Gosiewska

I run the interior design office RAPA LIVING which is in Max- Fliz shop in Wroclaw. From my point of view, precision and great care about details are the chief asset of Mr Olek. The prompt completion of work and emphasis on quality of the service as well as his well- mannered behaviour encourages me to recommend the ALEX-HOUSE company to everyone

RAPA – LIVING, The Interior Design Office
Rafał Paliński

Alex-HOUSE company carried out a complete bare-bones renovation of my house. Unfortunately, I did not use the service initially, but I let some other company to do the work. The previous team of workers, despite having excellent references and assurance of professionalism, put me at risk of having a considerable financial losses. Moreover, they prolonged the renovation and they shattered my nerves ( a tiled bathroom completed only to be torn apart again). In desperation, I contacted Mr Olek, who precisely selected quality building materials, not putting me into unnecessary expenses. This was the beginning of restoring and renovating my home after the previous company was dismissed. Most of the work were carried out during my absence at home, so I did not supervise the work, yet the work was done efficiently and with precision. This was quite different to the situation of the previous pseudo- repairmen. I am consider myself a demanding person, who pays attention to details and I have to admit that ALEX-HOUSE fulfilled my expectations. The service was done with professionalism and to as high a standard as I wish it to be done. Two years have passed and I do not have any complaints.

I highly recommend Mr Olek
Iza Czarnecka

Mr Alexander completely refurbished our house. All of the work was carried out very professionally, with precision and with great care. Mr Alexander is a conscientious person with very interesting design ideas. He is an excellent adviser and we are fairly satisfied with the final effect. Now we have a new and beautiful house. I strongly recommend Mr Alexander’s company.

Grateful and satisfied flatmates.
Elżbieta, Waldemar K. from Wrocław

The work of the Atelier Form Company includes interior design and comprehensive customer service. This falls within the scope of the concept of a space system. I wish I can express my great degree of satisfaction with the cooperation I have had with Mr Alexander Leœnicki from ALEX-HOUSE company. All of the works that we have commissioned with him has been carried out on a high technical level and with the aesthetic qualities of a true professional. Mr Olek is a reliable and responsible constructor, which I especially appreciate as an interior designer. Additional assets that Mr Alexander holds are his well-mannered behaviour, knowledge and professional consultancy. I strongly recommend the ALEX-HOUSE company as a qualified business partner with regards to refurbishment works

Magdalena Radomska
An interior designer, Domar Gallery

ALEX-HOUSE company carried out an extensive house renovation in a range of finishing work in our house with its unfurnished interior. The quality of the work that we outlined for the company is outstanding, not mention the fact that we were abroad when the commission was carried out. During our absence, everything was under control of Mr Olek. He took care of the selection of building materials and he looked for effective, economical solutions. We could always count on his professional advice, which prevented us from generating unexpected problems. We are delighted by the final effect achieved by ALEX- HOUSE company. With a clear conscience we can recommend this company.

Magda i Robert Nowińscy

We recommend it!

ALEX-HOUSE company put the finishing touches to our house. The works involve replacing the plumbing, sanitary and electric fittings and services, as well as tiling, painting and minor conversion of walls. All work were done with professionalism with unusual precision about the details (these are the exceptional abilities of the owner Mr Alexander) Before the beginning of the work Mr Alexander uncovered many constructional faults of of the rooms that undergo renovation. Thanks to that observations and accurate remarks we avoided the tragedy that faults may cause. The professional advices with the building material were a pleasant surprise for us. We never met such favourable attitude toward a customer. Another surprise for us was, that we had the opportunity to buy building materials with discounts. The precise calculation of necessary materials let us reduce expanse of our renovation. We are perfectly satisfied with the effects of work that were performed by ALEX- HOUSE company. We recommend it.

Dominik Krzyśków

I am the owner of the interior design company Apropo Art in Wroclaw. I had the opportunity to work with Mr Olek Leœnicki while the renovation of my flat take place. He definitely managed the task. The usage of modern building technology, paying attention to details and supervision of the subcontractors are the the advantages of the company. Mr Alexander displays a considerable knowledge, precise and the ability to cooperate with the designers. These are the features that my satisfied demanding customers, who distinguish the work by the meter from quality.

Adrianna Konopniak-Karpowicz

Two years ago, Mr Olek carried out the renovation work of our office and with in all honesty, I can highly recommend his service. Despite the fact that field in which Mr Alexander performs his work is not something new to me, I did not have any complaints with regard to his ability, competence, work ability and dedication and his honesty. His considerable knowledge of high-tech building products, modern technology and its proper usage, as well as his various contacts with different building companies is Mr Alexander’s strong sides. I have personally recommended Mr Alexander’s company to all my friends and one had his house completely renovated by Mr. Olek. He and his wife are very happy with the results. One minor drawback was the ending date which shifted in time, but it was worth waiting for the final result. I strongly recommend this company.

MG Plan Waldemar Górka
Nowy Dwór

Mr Alexander Leœnicki is a person whom I regard as being as a specialist or an expert in his field. He also has a numerous contacts with other building and design companies, which is extremely helpful for anyone undertaking the process of renovation. He is reliable, without alcohol problems. Moreover, he is thorough and precise. He did a very good job with our bathroom.

We recommend it
Staszek i Kamila Kurzawa

In my recommendation of Mr Alexander Leœnicki I wish I can express my thanks for his professionalism. We had our flat completely and thoroughly and wonderfully renovated. Mr Alexander spent considerable time on this job, concentrating on his work, which showed his care in regard to doing the best job possible. Moreover, his excellent cooperation with his customers is his priceless asset. He is thorough, reliable and at the same time, he has many interesting ideas. Thanks to him, our flat looks the way my wife and I wish it to look. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Mr Alexander’s services.

Marek Cichy

Decoral Design Centre as a brand-name retail outlet of the paint producer PPG Deco Poland Sp.zo.o wishes to express its positive opinion and recommendation of Mr Alexander Leœnicki, as a painting and sprayer performer. Mr Alexander gained a platinum certificate as issued by the Academy of Painting Techniques, and has had long-standing cooperation with Decoral Design Centre. The favourable opinions of his customers prove that his work is of high quality. The diversity of the PPG products ( paints, decorative paints, plaster, preservatives and varnish etc. ) make it necessary for any contractor to participate in various training courses in order to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge so as to perform the best possible professional service to customers. The willingness to participate in such training courses, to learn about new products, and new practical techniques shows that Mr. Olek has a very serious attitude his profession. The positive opinions of his customers, all of whom are satisfied with his service, and his prompt completion of contracted work make us feel that the company of Mr Alexander Leœnicki is worth recommending and we count him among the experts in paint and varnish work.

Artur Moryto

I am very satisfied with the service of ALEX-HOUSE company in regard to the renovation work they did. It was a quickly accomplished and professionally done, and our experience with Mr. Olek was pleasurable. I recommend his company to everyone and I put hope on the continuity of our cooperation.

Jolanta Mamończyk

I found Mr Olek to be a reliable and superb expert in his field. When he was hired to renovate my flat, he showed that he had considerable knowledge in terms of building work. Moreover, diligence is his great asset. He is flexible in terms of time and accepting my input – which is rare in this field – and he always help when in time of trouble ( I have never heard him say ‘I do not have the time ‘ ).

Wiktor Jański

I met Mr Alexander Leœnicki for the first time when he successfully fulfilled a commission in the Ołtaszyn housing estate. From my initial experience, I realised that he is a reliable, honest and competent craftsman. He managed to do everything on time ( all the building work, laying parquet floor and tiling – which I was especially interested in). The way he matched these two floor facing materials impressed me the most. While he laying the parquet floor, I carefully observed his work and I have to admit that he was organized, neat, orderly, and did quality work. He struck me as being extremely competent and knowledgable. Most problems that could have cropped-up were forestalled. If not, they were recognized and dealt with in the best way possible. I am truly a satisfied client.

Z poważaniem
Maciej Solarz, floor layer

This man’s company is worth recommending. Mr Olek possess high competence. He carried out his responsibilities in time and in budget, he did not make wild promises. The considerable assets that Mr Olek holds are his professionalism, honesty and punctuality. He is always ready to help in terms of building material selection. Additional positive features he displays are the attention he pays to tidiness in his place of work and his surroundings and his efficient, economical management of building materials

Marta Dubniańska Żurawiniec

Mr Alexander carried out some small renovations in our house. Thanks to his precise and accurate evaluation of the problem that appeared, we avoided a long and time-consuming renovation of our bathroom. Our downstairs neighbour felt relief when she learnt that the problem was solved and that we will not flood her bathroom again. We are satisfied with the quality of work and his prompt completion of work. We can recommended Mr Alexander’s company to anyone who has to deal with small but crucial renovation work.

Marcin, Agata Polańscy

Once again Mr Olek carried out a renovation of our flat. His conscientiousness, quick and reliable service, and his promptness in completing the commission are the features which encourage me to employ his company. I was not disappointed. Nor was I in the previous commission. I recommend his service to everyone, because his great knowledge and professionalism.

Robert Nowiński

Cork-Centre Company specialises itself in a service connected with laying exotic wood plank flooring, as well as cork flooring and other materials. We have been a successful company for 15 years, and our customers often ask us to give them a recommendation as to who to employ. Mr Olek is a specialist who provides the high quality standards that my customers expect. Such standards involve providing superior quality of performed work and employing considerable theoretical knowledge, as well as technical consultancy. I fully recommend Mr. Olek.

Włodzimierz Abramowicz

On a daily basis, I cooperate with many building companies, and Mr Alexander Leœnicki – is the only truly professional constructor I have met. The precision of the quality of the performed work and the great knowledge he possesses are Mr Olek’s strong points. With pleasure, he shares that knowledge, offering the best solutions. However, what strikes me the most was his brilliant organisation of work and protection of the house. Mr Olek, while carrying out the work, secures other elements in his workplace, so they cannot be damaged. What is more, he leaves the job site tidy and neat ( which is extremely rare). I am convinced that ALEX-HOUSE company may fulfil anyone’s expectations – especially that money you invest in building materials will be properly used without any loss.

Patrycja i Mirek
Żwirki i Wigury

The work of Alexander Leœnicki stands out among other building companies that I have dealt with. The high quality and aesthetic quality of work are the main features of Mr Alexander company. The precision and particular care for details that he exhibits as he performs a contract are rare features on the market. Linking these features with his honesty puts ALEX-HOUSE company in a circle of companies that is worth recommending.

Grzegorz Korczyński