firma budowlana wrocław

The range of the services I provide include:

  • interior design – eg. bathroom projects, kitchen furniture, selections of colours, selections of accessories
  • laying tiles in the kitchen and bathroom
  • carrying out terrace and balcony design, renovation and refurbishment
  • eg, damp-course treatment, metal sheet processing, ceramic facing
  • carrying out the dry building development – eg. suspended ceilings, partition walls, bentwood walls, built-in furniture installation
  • carrying out the wet building development – eg. plastering, cement-lime plastering, the plaster finishing coat
  • installing sanitary fittings, central heating systems, plumbing
  • wiring
  • wallpapering
  • traditional and modern techniques of painting
  • plaster moulding
  • traditional and modern plaster effect working and polyurethane finishing
  • inside stylish decorative plaster work (Oikos-Stiuki, Trawertyny)
  • panelling, plank flooring renovation and installation, exotic wood floors or cork floor laying and finishing
  • concrete floors installation and refurbishment, anhydrite, self levelling compounding
  • and door installation
  • house insulation, outside stucco refurbishment
  • other building, renovation refurbishment and finishing work